About Annie - Annie P. Scott

Originally from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, I moved to Southern New Jersey in my early twenties. Since a very young age I've enjoyed a gift of story telling, entertaining friends and family by writing adventurous tales that seamlessly weaved fiction with non fiction. I put my love for writing aside to raise two boys and focus on my career as an adult educator.

Late 2004 I was stricken with a virus, which attacked the outer lining of my brain leaving me with neurological and physical deficits. Unable to work, and being told by doctors that I'd never be able to - I promised myself to finish the books I never had time to write. Within a year Rainy Daze was published, Wish You Were Here was published the following year...

After struggling to complete additional novels, I grew frustrated with the effects of the virus (including aphasia, causing it to be increasingly difficult to put words together, or find the right words). Upon feeling like I'd lost my creative outlet yet again, I was led back to another medium of story telling I'd always enjoyed and appreciated -  photography. 

Photography enables me to stay in the moment, to appreciate each moment, and to be lucky enough to record some of those moments. I hope, with my photography, and it's simplicity, I can show everyone that beauty is everywhere, if they just take the moment to notice.


Walt Whitman

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